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Team Uniforms & Clothing

High quality attractive uniforms are what your team needs on game day. Main Sporting Goods can help with that. We are experts in outfitting teams. We can help you choose the best, cost effective solution for your team. We have many years of experience doing this so our experts can help you get the proper uniform with the right numbers, names, materials, colors, and patches for your team.

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We specialize in the following sports clothing and can help your team with nearly any other sport:

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Soccer

  • Bowling

  • Golf

We use the brands that most teams want:

  • Wilson

  • Augusta

  • Champro

  • Founders

  • Russell

  • High 5

  • Hilton

  • Pro Celebrity

A complete list of the products supported by Augusta: 

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